Tucsons Fun Driving School
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  • If you attend our
    Tucson’s Fun Defensive Driving School course you will:
    • 1. Keep your driving record clean.
    • 2. Your violation will be dismissed by the court.
    • 3. MVD does not receive a record of the violation.
    • 4. No points are assessed.
    • 5. Insurance rates will not increase.
    How do you know if your eligible?

    A. You must not have attended an Arizona Defensive Driving Program for one year from the date of your last violation.
    B. The citation must not be for a traffic crash involving serious injury or death.
    C. CDL license holders or cited while driving a commercial vehicle are not eligible.
    D. The citation must be for an eligible civil traffic violation.
    E. Pima County Justice Court: Juveniles (under 18) must obtain permission from the court.
  • Defensive driving is a diversion program that dismisses the citation and no points are assigned to your motor vehicle record. 
    State Fee ($20.00), State Surcharge ($45.00), School Fee ($40.00)
    Local Court Fee varies by court click link to see the total cost to attend.
    Please read and review our
    refund policy by clicking here.
  • Location's
    Our East side location classes are held at  Viscount Suites
    4855 E. Broadway Blvd.
    Tucson, AZ 85711


  • Vist the AZ Supreme Court for more information, or call toll free:
    (888) 334-5565
    Contact us at:
    (520) 979-9314
    M-F 9am-5pm

Tucsons Fun Driving School